Yoga Teachers And The Yoga Alliance

Registering with the Yoga Alliance has many advantages for the yoga professional and offers more credibility to those who teach yoga. Their global registry acknowledges your training and knowledge and your ability as a yoga teacher. Being a member will also help when applying for a job, as being a member of the Yoga Alliance instills confidence and respect in your students. As a member of the Alliance, you will have achieved certain recognized standards, and those students who know of the Alliance respect its work and will seek out members as teachers. By using their designated registry marks – RYT or E-RYT after your name on business correspondence, business cards and advertising, your membership will be instantly recognizable.

The Alliance offers many networking opportunities, as the founders realize that in order to spread the word about the benefits of yoga, their members need to be able to communicate with others on a business level. The Yoga Alliance is very aware that those who run their own studios or those who are independent yoga teachers can become cut off from the main stream. Through their networking opportunities, yoga professionals can learn about opportunities for further education and interact with others on a professional level.

As many aspects of yoga are acknowledged by some in the medical community to help with weight loss, stress, high blood pressure and other medical conditions, having the designated registry mark RYT or E-RYT after your name, means you are more likely to be recommended by another health professional.

If you have a website you use for advertising purposes, those searching for a yoga teacher or studio in their area will also be more attracted to those with bona fide qualifications. By offering a link through to the Yoga Alliance website, the searcher will be given an in depth look at what the Alliance sets out to do, and be given salient information about the many benefits of practicing yoga themselves. It is a good selling point for those who have an established business and for those wishing to build clientele for a new yoga studio.

Registration fees with the Yoga Alliance are low, compared to the many benefits they offer. Schools that offer yoga teacher training can apply under a number of different programs within the Yoga Alliance, as long as a number of criteria are met by the school. The Alliance offers four basic programs: Children’s yoga, pre-natal yoga which is becoming a very popular choice for new mothers, plus either 200-hour or 500-hour certification and can take up to 90 days once the application is received.

A small annual fee is required to maintain registration with the Yoga Alliance and a convenient application form to join is available on the Yoga Alliance website.

Low-Cost Health Insurance Coverage Plans

A study was done by the CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that showed that 44,786 people suffered deaths because of a lack of health coverage. Factors that contributed to these deaths were a obesity, cigarette smoking, and excess drinking. These people more than likely never had a physical and never had a physician educate them and inform them when they were not taking care of their bodies. Low cost health insurance coverage is very easy to get but since the media is so blanketed with advertising from large scale corporations, it is incredibly difficult to find these companies.

An increasing number of Americans are becoming either underinsured or have no insurance and this is contributing to excess deaths in our country. A study put out by Harvard Medical School and Cambridge health alliance show that those who were under 65 had a 40% increase in death against those who were carrying health Coverage.

‘Excess deaths’ have been shown higher for males, who experienced a 37% rise in premature deaths due to poor health habits that would have been caught by a physician.

Low cost health insurance coverage is very easy to get but still many Americans remain uninsured. According to a professor at the University of Harvard, one American will die every 27 minutes due to a lack of health coverage. This is estimated to be a very conservative figure and this study was done in 2008.

In 2009, one American will die every 13 minutes due to a lack of health insurance. Your health is nothing to play with, especially low cost health insurance coverage is available.